Welcome to Solaray Empowering a Sustainable Future through Innovative Energy Solutions.
HistorySolaray embarked on its remarkable journey in 2018, born from an inspired idea within the hallowed halls of a university. From humble beginnings as a university concept, we swiftly transformed our vision into a tangible Minimum Viable Product (MVP), laying the foundation for our exceptional trajectory in the renewable energy industry.


In 2019, Solaray reached a pivotal milestone by crafting our inaugural prototype. This pivotal achievement not only showcased the boundless potential of our groundbreaking solutions but also marked the commencement of a prosperous revenue generation phase. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, we quickly garnered recognition as a trusted and influential player within the industry.


Building upon our early triumphs, we entered the year 2020 with unwavering determination to carve out our own unique identity. By meticulously cultivating our brand, we solidified our position as a premier provider of innovative and sustainable energy solutions, setting us apart as a beacon of reliability and trust.


Throughout 2021, Solaray achieved unparalleled success by skillfully installing over 20 solar systems across diverse locations. Our unwavering expertise in harnessing the power of solar energy empowered countless individuals, businesses, and communities to embrace environmentally conscious practices while substantially reducing their carbon footprint.


Continuing our upward trajectory, 2022 marked an extraordinary year of exponential growth. With fervor, we completed the installation of over 50 solar systems, propelling us to the forefront of the sustainable energy landscape. Moreover, recognizing the importance of holistic climate control solutions, we expanded our portfolio to encompass 10 cutting-edge heating systems, further bolstering our commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

At Solaray, our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled quality remains paramount. Our esteemed team of industry experts combines technical brilliance with an unrelenting passion for sustainability, ensuring that every system we install adheres to the highest standards of excellence and reliability.

As we cast our gaze towards the horizon, our vision is resolute – to pioneer a world powered by renewable energy. Guided by innovation and a boundless spirit, we persistently push the boundaries of possibility within the realm of sustainable energy. Together, let us forge a greener and more sustainable future, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Thank you for visiting the Solaray website. We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of offerings, discover our exemplary projects, and embark on a transformative journey towards harnessing the remarkable power of renewable energy. Contact us today and embark on your sustainable energy revolution.